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Welcome to Ruhr / Germany / Europe!

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...wir gruessen jeden Fremden in unserer Stadt.


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Hier sehen Sie nur den Kamera-Frame! Alle 106! Ruhr-Kameras und Infos sehen Sie komfortabel nur im RUHR.TV
The Complete Camera Overlook And Much More Ruhr Informations Only Inside The Ruhr Mega City Net "RUHR.TV"

This Destination Belongs To The German "RUHR.TV" Over:  "Dortmund" > "BvB"

...if you can read this message you can only sèè the pr camera FRAME! NOT all the informations behind the view !-(    Overlook comfortable all 106! available Ruhr Metropole Web Cams:  Go to RUHR.TV Homepage directly and enj all The Complete Active Ruhr Live Experience Via RUHR.TV Homepage !

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