broken heart object  

 light wave ceiling 

 turn up light object 

 flight track system 

 cube wall & ceiling 

 spy one light object 

 Z1 ceiling lighting 

 look of light object 

 p r e s s e
 l e u c h t e n
 p r o j e k t e
 i d e e n
 t o u r 
 b i o
 m a i l
 h o m e
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THOMAS HAAGEN,   electrical engineer and realtime visionary of the last millenium - born 1960 in Dortmund (Ruhr) is still a man of sincerity. Creates as a self -educated person life styles, light objects and sometimes that special 'source arting', which contains constructive and positive energy for individual technique solutions. "My philosophy is very influenced from the obsession in 'new technology' futurizations - together with the desire to serve mankind individually to success."  As a self experienced person he finds and realizes tech and product solutions since 1983.  One of the very early light projects were the arrangements of the Dortmund "Orpheum" disco lights 1983 with an 14m wide already interactive light background behind the main bar.  Opened 'PLOP! shirt design'. 1986 startet first art company " OUTFiT V.I.P. ""   1987 realized public "Rainbow bridge" together with first light object "ELEKTRON".   1991 decision to concentrate on light field only. Exhibitions :    Many personal and group specified exhibitions with self invented "festoon -light -tech -objects" since 1987 - seen at most different exhibitions and @ uncounted international design fairs. 1993 foundet RUHRFORM manufactors & sales. 2000 'AThierLIER 2000' art ateliers startet...   a.s.o....   Please call Thomas Haagen for a confidential chat on +

2007 was the year with 20 years experiences in develope lighting and idea management. Now moved to the totally ovehauled and renovated new house in a suburb at Dortmund- Schueren. Still thinking. Patents granted from the constructive architectural lights "archxx".   Still try to activate RUHR.TV net (or sell it).      "Ruhrhellweg" Project with "Human Lights" for the European Capital of Culture 2010 has no chance.  Television portrait from TV-Station WDR.  Interview for the University of Dortmund and Stadtportrait of WDR5.. Love the challenge for questions to unconventional solutions and individual claims.  New developments are its tasks. PS: Hey, competition is o.k. but all the personal comparison sucks at all!   Be patient with time - anything is possible but never shure in time " !-) " Latest social engagement: Deceleration of the Emscher brook in DO-Aplerbeck. Like to know more? Pls. send an email to Thomas directly: ... Thank you!


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"Regenbogenboulevard" - beleuchtete Ruhrbrücke in Witten-Herbede - Fotografiert von © Thomas Haagen von der Autobahnbrücke A43 (Wuppertal-Münster) aus. Lichtprojekt "LandArt" Landschaftskunstwerk Ruhr Regenbogenband. Das Lichtband ist gebettet in das Ruhrtal.
Mehr Infos über die Lichtgestaltung zur Kulturhauptstadt Ruhr 2010 klick hier >